DJ M3 aka Manny

Apr 28 9:00P The Triple Crown w/ dj Bottin from Itly San francisco, California
May 1 9:00P The Triple Crown : No Fucking Requests Ever! w/ Soul Clap & Limowolf San francisco, California
May 4 9:00P Focus Orange County: QBurns & M3 Newport Beach, California
May 5 9:00P LooK Up! Look Down! Look Out! w/ Miguel Migs & Q-Burns San francisco, California
May 13 8:00P afrolicious elbo room w/ dj M3 Mid-tempo funklatin San francisco

Raising the volume of the Bay Area.s nightlife since the early 90.s, M3 has proved himself to be an influential character in the development of the SF/SJ house music scene. Born and raised in San Jose, M3 began his music career in 1990 promoting some of the original Bay Area.s massives such as .Get Down, Get Down, Get Down., .The Gathering., and .Deep Space.. Initially influenced by music ranging from Rick James, Screaming Jay Hawkins, and Led Zepplin, M3 began his d.j. career with a smooth down-tempo sound. Since then, his sound has evolved to include a spectrum of thumpin. house beats which he is distinctively known. His dj name, M3, initially stood for Marijuana Motivates the Mind, but has since transformed to Makes Me Move. M3's funky fresh style will, without a doubt, have you moving by the end of the night.

Today, M3 keeps himself busy with event promotions, music production, and performing. M3 is spreading the good word of house from San Francisco to San Jose, and beyond. Playing clubs in Moscow, Spain, Prague, Paris , Nottingham, New York, and Hawaii, M3 is funking it up all over the world. Closer to home, M3 focuses his time on four residencies throughout the Bay Area which include San Jose.s The Velvet Shop, SF.s Green Gorilla Lounge, 2nd Sundays, and Le Boom. Pairing up with the Sunset Crew, M3 also co-hosts the .not to miss. Fully Loaded party every other month.

M3 has performed alongside an astounding array artists including Marshall Jefferson, Tony Humphries, DIY Sound Systems, Derrick Carter, Cajmere, Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, Doc Martin, Jeno, Garth, Del the Funky Homosapien, and Rick James. M3 can be found tearing it up in the local San Francisco scene, djing in clubs, bars, and undergrounds all over the city.

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Anthony Mansfield

Feb 13 8:00P Mars Bar double b’day chaos w/ Rick Preston & Anthony Mansfield San Francisco
Mar 19 8:00P Triple Crown. Greg Wilson Credit To The Edit 2 tour san Francisco

Anthony Mansfield got his first taste of house music in the early underground house scene of Northern California circa 1992. A heady mix of full-moon parties, beach parties, dirty warehouses, laid-back clubs, and crazy house-parties coupled with psychedelic, funky, deep house and organic breaks. In 1993 Anthony met Manny (DJ M3) and began promoting both club and underground events, including Deep Space and Get Down, Get Down.

By 1994, Anthony went back home for college in Upstate NY at Skidmore. While there he threw his own monthly club events and countless basement house parties. Anthony also hosted a popular radio show for four years showcasing house, dub, disco, hip hop, funk and soul all mixed.

In 1998, Anthony moved back to his home town of Ithaca, New York and began promoting club and underground events via Hector Works. He started Beat-Down, Upstates longest running house weekly, which continues to this day. Anthony's biggest contribution to Ithaca was Odyssey Night Club where he was the first employee, resident DJ, general manager and booking agent. Located downtown in a historic Masonic temple, this 20,000 square foot mega-club hosted such luminaries as Maceo Parker, Soulive, Black Eyed Peas, The English Beat, New Deal, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Derrick Trucks, John Browns Body as well as DJ Mark Farina, Soulstice, Markie & Jeno from Wicked, Vitamin D, DJ Who, and many others.

Anthonys latest chapter is relaunching his company Hector Works as an independent music label and, as of January 2006 Anthony is one of the new owners of world reknown Tweekin Records (

Local events include:
Le Boom: every Wednesday (222 Hyde @ Eddy, SF)
Green Gorilla Lounge: monthly underground or club event
Fully Loaded: the underground collective between Sunset and the Green Gorilla posse.

Discography - Vinyl
-Street Talk by Barfly (Ben Cook & Anthony Mansfield), Rong Music (RONG007) 2004
-Oh Snap by Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield, Hector Works (HEC001) 2005
-Pool Party by Nick Chacona w/ Barfly (Ben Cook, Anthony Mansfield) remix, Hector Works (HEC002) 2006
-Rhumba by Ajello w/ Anthony Mansfield & Nick Chacona remix, (Mantra Vibes, Italy) 2006
-Polo Club by Greenskeepers w/ Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield remix (Om Records, Dec 2006)
-Gravity by Sasse w/ Nick Chacona & Anthony Mansfield remix (Mood Music, Germany, Feb, 2007)
-Sleazy Mcqueen w/ Anthony Mansfield rmx (8Track, January, 2007)
-Corsican Brothers (Anthony Mansfield & Sneak-E Pete) - Sport edit and Acap. - Mobbeats Nov. 2006 (MOBBEATS01)
-Lagavulin by Anthony Mansfield & Nick Chacona, Hector Works (HEC005) 2007

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Sharon Buck

Listings currently unavailable.

Sharon Buck, the San Francisco origina, has always been a fanatic of dance music culture from the early age of 8. During that time she could be found break dancing on stage, local clubs and skating rings to eventually discovering the underground and dancing all night at the many rave parties that flooded SF in the early 90s. It was from parties like Groove Kitchen, Boogie Buffet, Wicked, Mushroom Jazz, A Rave Called Sharon and Funky Techno Tribe that this crazed music lover discovered house music. .I never thought I would pursue a DJ career, but I did know I wanted to be part of the scene. In the beginning DJing for me was a hobby, but today it has grown into a way of life."

Sharon has been DJing for nearly 9 years , but within the past 2 years she has taken on a more serious role as a DJ. Currently a resident with Green Gorilla Lounge and DHP (Deep House Project)--Sharon is quickly making her mark as one of the best up-and-coming DJs. Sharon has always loved music and her influence include many bands, DJ's and producers alike. Influences include Mark Farina, Lance Desardi, Green Gorilla DJ's, Charlotte the Baroness, Chris Lum, Derrick Carter, Pacific Sound DJ's, Stompy Crew, Andrew C , The Sister DJ's and all the local San Francisco DJ's and producers. All these artists had a huge influence into why she really got into house music and helped Sharon create her own unique DJ style of DEEP: TECH: FUNKY: House. A sound which is generally played and heard in the San Francisco underground scene. Sharon plays all types of house music, but will play anything as long as it's good! Sharon's long term ambition is to one day DJ all around the world and to write and produce quality house music full-time.

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Jimmy B


Among the finest in the everlasting underground scene of the Bay Area, Jimmy B has been acclaimed as the next generation DJ. As a Bay resident, Jimmy was fortunate enough to be influenced by a diverse array of culture and music. The likes of Sly and the Family Stone, The Funkadelic, CCR, Chicago, Santana, James Brown, George Benson and Aretha Franklin all contributed to his family's eclectic LP and 8-Track collection.

They say being a younger sibling has its cons, but the pros reined supreme for Jimmy's future. As an 80's child, his older sister's music collection was comprised largely of pop, new wave, electro, Golden Age Hip-Hop, free-style, reggae, grunge, modern rock, and a dash of silence for zen moments.

Fast-forward to the late 90's when Jimmy was introduced to various forms of underground music and events. Underground music became a passion and medium which Jimmy used to fuse his varied influences together. Jimmy eventually found himself involved with several west coast events, collectives and sound systems.

In 1999 he hooked up with high school friends and became a part of the Clockwork Events Crew, producing events drawing over 20,000 people in every major city within the bay area including San Francisco (Candlestick Park), Oakland (Home Base, 85th and Baldwin, and West Grand Army Base), and San Jose (County Fair Grounds).

A move to Santa Cruz to continue college allowed Jimmy to have more creative expression. He and a group of friends produced many epic parties throughout the Santa Cruz area under the name RxFX.

More recently Jimmy has became associated with the notorious Green Gorilla Lounge and keeps busy with college, traveling, and sharing underground music via deejaying, event production and gorilla propaganda. Jimmy B also enjoys traveling, sushi, long walks on the beach and getting hyphie!

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dj ELZ

Dec 5 11:00P Toca Disco @ Club 6 * live vocals by Elise * San Francisco, California
Dec 9 11:00P Sounds Like House @ ANU * live vocals by Elise * San Francisco, California
Jan 9 10:00P The Red Rhino *live vocals by Elise * Brentwood, California
Feb 26 10:00P Toca Disco @ DNA Lounge * live vocals by Elise * San Francisco, California

In 1997 after listening to a "Loose Caboose" mix tape by DJ Dan, it inspired her to create her own unique blend of funky booty shaking house, funky old school electro break beats, and hip-hop. She played her first house party that weekend after teaching her self how to mix together her new records. She scraped up enough money for one Technic 1200 turntable and a radio shack mixer. She would mix to the radio, tapes, CDs, or anything else she could get her hands on. Six months later she got another Technic 1200 and a new Vestex 05pro mixer from her grandma for her birthday. She practiced every day and quickly became a funky bass vinyl junkie. Mixing gave her a way to express herself in a raw way and if she ever felt sad or depressed the music was an outlet for her pain. Eight months after she first touched a pair of turntables, she got booked to play at X.O.X. 2 at the infamous 2nd and Jackson. She opened up in the small room and it was a great honor for her to be spinning at the same party as Frankie Bones, Jim Hopkins, Tony, Simon, Rinse, Flux, and more. She then began spinning regularly at a free Sunday afternoon outdoor party called Beatdown Sundaze and helped them throw Bass Freakers 1 & 2.

In 2001 Elz entered her mix tape "Breakaway" into the best new DJ contest on the Friday night radio show House Nation (94.9 FM) and won! She became their new resident, and also won a guest appearance on the main stage at Coolworld's Cyberfest in SF and in Texas. She has since been rocking it all over at such events/places as Ruby Skye, 1015 Folsom, Sno-Drift, Kelly's Mission Rock, Hotel Ibiza, Club 6, Mixed Element's Heroine, Clockwork Eventz, VG events, House Nation events, Sister SF events, Thump Radio's Atomic, Future Friday's Girl Power, Feelgood's MeggaBuzz and Love Affair, Jive Tribe's BUMP and Warehouse in San Luis Obispo, Movement and Pure in San Diego, Balance in Seattle, The Biltmore Casino in Reno, and Club Ra in Vegas. She has also made guest appearances on such radio stations as Wild 94.9 FM in San Francisco, VIVA 107.1 FM in Los Angeles, KSJS 90.5 FM in San Jose, and KHDC 90.9 FM in Salinas. As well as on-line at, the Sister SF anti-radio show,,,,, and She has played along side such greats as Donald Glaude, Onionz, Frankie Bones, Dirty Vegas, Uberzone, Crystal Method, DJ Colette, Ellen Ferrato, Josh "the Funky 1", Richard Humpty Vission, just to name a few.

In 2003 she entered her CD "Breakadawn" into the 92.7 Party FM Dj Showcase contest and became 1 of 4 finalist to compete at the finals at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco and came in 2nd Place. Elz soon joined forces with the amazingly talented Audio Angel. On the live tip, Audio Angel layers her voice with the music so well, people often question whether the vocals they hear are live or already on the tracks. A colaboration breaks and house CD with Elz and Audio Angel is now available called "Funk Rocker".
Currently she is sponsored by Mixer Friendly Clothing, which has its line sold at TRUE stores and The Triple Five Soul store in NYC. She also has done promotions for Puma retail stores and Odyssey DJ Gear. In 2007 she teamed up with vocalist Elise and they won second place @ Test Press Thursday for their original song "Useless" also be on the look out for an entire album of their original music coming soon...keep your ears to the ground.


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